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Roar out your brand at every event, promotion, or presentation with our customizable Airdome Inflatable Tent. Airtight, fully branded and the perfect eyecatcher for your brand. Why settle for less?

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Power your Business with the Airdome Inflatable Tent

How much more productive, memorable, and successful would your presentations become if people felt naturally compelled to come and listen to your message? To answer that question, we created the Airdome Inflatable Tent.

Why choose Airdome?

Imagine if you started using branded event structures that effortlessly attract people to your business at any social or corporate gathering. Constructions that are designed to perfectly complement your corporate identity, to establish an elegant, exclusive presence in the crowd, and to be easily set up anywhere you need in less than five minutes.
The Airdome is designed to help you make a strong statement about your brand at every trade show, expo, seminar, or business event you go to. A statement that commands attention, projects authority, and helps you position your company in the event spotlight – the place where everyone naturally gravitates to, and no one can leave without first visiting.

1. Steal the show

All of our inflatable tents come with fully customizable printing – design them to fit and complement your corporate identity, and their elegant, eye-catching architecture will allow you to become the center of attention in any event setting.

2. Fast and easy set-up

Airdome inflatable tents are lightweight and easy to transport, and thanks to our patented air-tight system, you can easily set them up at your desired location in as little as five minutes – no fixed power supplies needed.

3. Customer care

We always go the extra mile for our customers - we’ll take our time and discuss all your wishes, handle design changes as often as necessary, and make sure you’re more than satisfied with the final product.

Airdome Inflatable Tents Gybe X-gloo Printed Custom tents Wordlwide

Our Worldwide Customers

By taking care of all the fine details so you don’t have to, we create high impact visuals that create the perfect presence for any occasion. It’s why our Airdome Inflatable tents are trusted by global brands such as Volvo, Gardena and Canon. Curious about our recent projects?

What Our Clients Say

Thanks for the quick response and service. We are satisfied with our Airdome
Gianni Serretti Canon Belgium
Branding on Point. We have had some outstanding events
Severine Ulenaers Petrolhead Days (BE)
Great service and hard work from you guys. Keep up the good work.
Jeroen van der Laan Holland Bicycles (FI)

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Alpine Inflatable Tents Airdome
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Mazda Inflatable Tents Airdome
Inflatable Airdome Tent Gardena
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From our headquarters in Borne, NL, to some of the largest conferences, exhibitions, and product launches in the world, our expertise has taken us a long way. Whether you would like some expert input and advice with no obligation to buy, a free 3D model, or a fast turnaround for your big launch, we’re always ready and waiting.